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Taking  Ideas  to  New  Heights

Welcome to DRONE LIFE MEDIA! A new perspective is within reach!

DLM offers professional video and still picture services for all types of aerial applications including:

REAL ESTATE- Commercial & Residential

PROPERTY SURVEYING- Construction, Engineering, Agricultural, Golf Courses, Wineries, Parks & School Campuses

LIFESTYLE & CORPORATE EVENTS- Group functions, Team Building activities, Group Pictures

CINEMATOGRAPHY- Film, Commercials, Social Media footage









Industry Leading Equipment with Exceptional Quality and Resolution

Zenmuse X5S
P4 Camera
P4 & Inspire 2

DJI- Xenmuse X5S

This 3-axis gimbal camera mounts directly to the Inspire 2 Drone and offers cinematic picture quality!

Used with the Inspire 2, the Zenmuse is integrated with the new CineCore 2.0 image processing system, capable of recording 5.2K videos in CinemaDNG*1, Apple ProRes*2 and more. CineCore 2.0 is built into the aircraft nose and works with any camera connected through the dedicated gimbal port.

Phantom 4 Camera

This high performance camera, delivers sharp, clean video in up to 4K resolution at 30fps and Full HD 1080p at 120 fps.

Exceptional Control, Stability, and Reach!

DLM uses two powerful UAV systems:

Inspire 2 & Phantom 4

About DLM


DRONE LIFE MEDIA  was born from a passion and love of photography.

Adding the dimension of height through the use of a drone results in unparalleled perspectives.  Historically, these views were achieved with expensive chartered flights. Now, with the use of remote technology, stunning aerial video and photos are available for endless applications, at a fraction of the cost.



James Chenard is a Professional UAV Pilot operating in Canada and the US.

He works with both Transport Canada and the FAA to assure his operations are performed in compliance with all Federal Regulations.

James holds a Remote Pilot-in-Command certification with the FAA (Part 107) and has a Standing SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) issued by Transport Canada.

He collaborates with several Civil Aviation Officers to assure his procedures and processes offer the highest level of safety and compliance.

Sunset UAV

Take your ideas to a new height and let us create a visually stunning perspective for you!

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